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  • Gel Polish

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  • Gel polish

    30 minutes, £18.00

  • Toes - Gel Polish

    Gel polish for toes (Not including Nail Art)

    30 minutes, £18.00

  • Gel Polish Removal With Reapplication

    Removing old gel polish and reapplying a fresh colour (nail art extra)

    45 minutes, £20.00

  • Gel Polish Removal (without Re Application)

    Removal of gel polish, bringing nails back to natural state.

    30 minutes, £10.00

  • Gel Polish Fingers & Toes

    Full Gel polish service on Fingers & Toes (Nail art Not included)

    60 minutes, £25.00

  • Removal Gel Polish Fingers & Toes With Reapplication

    90 minutes, £28.50

  • Nail Art - Gel Polish, Stones or Glitter Etc

    Please feel free to send examples before your appt for a quotation. Time & price will vary depending on design.

    Prices will be in addition to a Gel Polish service.

    From £1 per nail


    30 minutes, £1.00

  • Toes - Gel Polish Removal With Reapplication

    Removal of old polish wirh reapplication of gel polish on toes

    45 minutes, £20.00

  • Acrylic Enhancements

  • Acrylic overlay on natural nails

    75 minutes, £30.00

  • Sculpted Acrylic Enhancements

    120 minutes, £35.00

  • Acrylic Maintenance

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  • Acrylic Rebalance (2-3 Week Maintenance)

    Restoring the balanced look of the nail enhancements after 2-3 weeks of growth. 

    90 minutes, £30.00

  • Acrylic Rebalance (3+ Weeks)

    Restoring the balance to the nail enhancements. Recommended time for maintainence is 2-3 weeks. If left longer price is more due to extra product & time required.

    120 minutes, £35.00

  • Acrylic Removal - Without Re Application

    Soaking off Acrylic Enhancements to return your nails to their natural state.

    No acrylic or gel polish applied

    60 minutes, £18.00

  • Acrylic Removal - With Gel Polish Application

    Removal of Acrylic Enhancements with gel polish application

    90 minutes, £30.00

  • Acrylic Removal - With Re Application

    180 minutes, £40.00

  • Strengthening Treatments

  • Ibx Repair & Strengthen Treatment

    A nourishing treatment for brittle, peeling, damaged nails.

    Can be used under Gel Polish or just on Natural nails

    A series of several treatments is advised at 2 weekly intervals

    To be booked with either a File & Polish, any Manicure service or Gel Polish service.... Show more

    15 minutes, £10.00


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  • Spa Manicure

    Pure pampering!

    Shaping & Filing nails followed by a cuticle tidy. Exfoliation finishing with relaxing arm & hand massage.

    You can add a splash of colour with a Polish for just £7.50

    Or Gel polish for just £10

    Just choose the requir... Show more

    45 minutes, £30.00

  • Spa Pedicure

    Shaping & Filing nails followed by a cuticle tidy. A lovely soak then exfoliation & hard skin removal finishing with relaxing leg & foot massage.

    You can add a splash of colour with Caption Nail Polish for just £7.50

    Or a long lasting Gel Polis... Show more

    60 minutes, £35.00

  • Signature Luxury SpaRitual Pedicure

    A Spa Pedicure at its finest!

    Choose your signature scent

    • Indian Frankincense helps to heal and rejuvenate body & spirit.
    • Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil calms the mind, soothing body and spirit.
    • Chinese Jasmine Essential Oil se... Show more

    90 minutes, £45.00

  • Signature Luxury SpaRitual Manicure

    Taking your Spa Manicure to the Max!

    Choose your signature scent 

    • Indian Frankincense helps to heal and rejuvenate body & spirit.
    • Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil calms the mind, soothing body and spirit.
    • Chinese Jasmine Essential Oil... Show more

    75 minutes, £40.00

  • Add On Polish for Any Manicure/pedicure

    Add a splash of colour to your Spa Manicure/ Pedicure with Caption Nail Polish

    15 minutes, £5.00

  • Add On Gel Polish for Any Spa Manicure/pedicure

    Add a long lasting splash of colour with a Gel Polish service with any Spa Manicure/Pedicure

    15 minutes, £7.50

  • Ultimate Sparitual Pamper Package


    A luxury SpaRitual Manicure & Pedicure experience

    3 hours of pure unadulterated luxury relaxation which includes a complimentary gel polish finish on fingers & toes

    180 minutes, £75.00

  • File & Polish

    A basic manicure where cuticle are tidied, nails are shaped & finished with yoir choice of Caption Nail Polish.

    30 minutes, £12.00

  • Repair (1 Nail) Acrylic

    Repair of acrylic nail between regular appointments.

    Please book 1 appointment per repair


    15 minutes, £3.00

  • Repair (1 Nail) Gel

    Repair of Gel polished nail (chipped or broken) in between regular appointments.

    Please book appointment for each repair

    15 minutes, £2.00

  • Waxing

    Using Warm wax which will removes fine & course hair, comfortably and effectively. Would recommend every 3-4 weeks.

    Please note - Waxing treatments are not recommended before or after Sun beds, Sun bathing or any form of heat treatments or activities (inc Sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming etc)

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  • Upper Lip

    15 minutes, £9.00

  • Chin Wax

    15 minutes, £10.00

  • Eyebrow Wax

    Maintenance (does not include reshaping)

    15 minutes, £9.00

  • Eyebrow Reshaping

    1st time eyebrow waxing appointment (includes reshaping consultation)

    30 minutes, £18.00

  • Toes or Fingers

    If required separately

    Toes are included in Full leg wax treatment

    Fingers are included in Forearm waxing treatment

    15 minutes, £5.00

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